Stop counting,

Talistro e-voting does it for you

Talistro e-voting offers a self-administered digital voting platform. It supports remote and local elections.

Start your election

Paper ballots vs. e-voting

How can your organisation benefit from e-voting?

Win time, no printing needed

No hand counting

Secure e-voting app

Secret e-voting is guaranteed

Accurate results

Real-time online results

Efficient e-voting

Broad range of devices are supported

E-voting process


An invitation email is sent to each member. Managers can make custom invitation email templates in the dashboard.

Members get a registration code that is attached to the email. By submitting the registration code, members register for the upcoming election event.



Election day: Members sumbit a validation code and the voting can begin. Now members can vote for topics on their preferred device. (Tablet, smartphone or pc.) Subsequently results are displayed on the voting ballot.

Voting results can be consulted afterwards. A list of all the topics is show with result. If the e-voting was secret only the total of the result is shown.



Multiple devices

The voting ballot is available on smartphones, tablets and pcs.

Real-time result

Results are immediatly available for voters and managers.

Easy to use dashboard

Manage elections with an easy to use dashboard. Manage voters and topics. Run elections.

Send custom invitation email to all members

Members get a registration code attached to the email. So they can register for the election in advance.

Import members from CSV file

Register proxies

When members register for the election, they can add proxies.

Support for secret votes

Where only total results are displayed.